Private Lessons

Group Guitar Classes are currently on hold. Private lessons are still available!

Please email if you have comments or questions.
Group lessons are open to any student 16 years and older who owns a guitar and wants to learn.

Steel-stringed acoustic guitars are recommended, but electric guitars (unplugged) and nylon-stringed classical guitars are acceptable.

Even if you've never played an instrument before in your life, these classes will teach you what you need to know to play your guitar.

No knowledge of theory is necessary. You do not need to know how to read music. All you need is an open mind and desire to play music.

Class is limited to ten students to guarantee a high level of attention and advice for each student.
My beginner guitar classes will teach you everything you need to get you playing now!

  • The Habits and Mentality You Need to Succeed

  • Familiarty with the Parts of Your Guitar

  • Warmups to Prevent Injury and Increase Your Dexterity

  • Comfort and Control Holding Your Guitar and Pick

  • How to Tune Your Guitar To Sound as Good as Possible

  • Practice Effectively to Learn Quickly

  • The Top Ten Most Used Beginner Guitar Chords

  • Exercise to Form and Change Chords Quickly and Simultaneously

  • How To Read Tab, Chord Diagrams, and Strumming Patterns to Learn Songs

  • A Step-by-Step Method to Memorize and Play Songs Easily

  • Introduction to Playing Songs Like Wild Thing Teardrops on My Guitar, Twist and Shout, Take It Easy, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), and Sing
Group workshows are offered Downtown only on select weekends.

To see current availability, click here!

These weekend workshops are given either in one 4-hour session or split into two 2-hour sessions given on Saturday and Sunday. You will learn everything you need to jump into guitar with confidence and excitement in just one weekend!

Classes are located in or near Downtown Los Angeles.
Weekend workshops offer several benefits including:

Over 50% in savings versus private lessons

The high energy and encouragement of a group environment

Learn everything you need to know start learning your favorite songs in just one weekend!

Extra incentives include a free copy of my eBook with hundreds of pictures and diagrams to help you continue on your journey and over 40 high quality handouts to learn Guitar Chords, Scales, Theory, Strumming Patterns, and much more!

Quality Instruction

No Experience Necessary

You don't need to have played an instrument or know how to read music.

These classes cover all the basics with no prior knowledge assumed!


Guitar is supposed to be fun. Classes are laid back and encouraging.

This isn't a high school class, just a small group of people learning something exciting together!


Every group and person is different. Questions are encouraged!

I can adapt to many different styles of learning and instruction.


The course details specific practice methods, timelines, and what to prioritize.

You will leave these classes knowing exactly how and what to practice.

Small Class Size

Classes are kept relatively small so that every student gets the attention they need.

Class slots are very limited and are not available every weekend. Sign up today!

No Need to Take Notes

All relevent information from the class will be emailed to you that day.

You are more than welcome to take notes, but you will receive detailed instructions by email.