Private Lessons

I graduated college with my BA in Music Theory and Composition with a concentration in Guitar, and I have been teaching music and guitar for many years.

Your progress and enjoyment with guitar is my primary concern. You can be sure that you will progress dramatically on guitar if you follow my instructions and practice guidelines.

Whether you are a beginning guitar student, a songwriter hoping to enhance their compositions, or a veteran player hoping to hone their skills, I can help you achieve your goals and become the guitar player you want to be.

If you have been wanting to start a band or simply play with friends, I can also teach you the fundamentals to playing in a group.

Guitar playing is fun; practice should not seem like a chore. I make it manageable for you by breaking down the techniques you need to learn into simple exercises that you can apply to the songs you want to learn.

My lessons are 100% customized to your needs and what you are interested in learning. Any genre, any style, any song.
My lessons are focused on only the things you want to learn. You will learn using songs you love and choose. If necessary, I will rewrite any songs you want to learn so that they fit your level of ability, but maintain their personality. You will learn the things you need to know for guitar, while still having fun jamming to your favorite tracks.

Within the first five lessons you can expect to know: how to tune your guitar, how to read tablature, how to strum and read rhythmic notation, and how to finger 10 open chords. Depending on how you practice, you might also learn 6 barre chords and power chords, shapes which can be moved to give you a chord vocabulary of over 100 chords! These are the basic tools you need to learn songs.

You will receive customized instruction based on your hand size and learning style. My unique method for teaching guitar chords and the basics of strumming will allow you to progress much faster than watching videos on YouTube or learning from a book.
My relentless commitment to excellence and the most efficient path to proficiency will help you learn all the advanced techniques and improvisational skills you've been pursuing without becoming frustrated or becoming stuck at one level for too long.

I can teach you the basics and advanced tricks of natural and artificial harmonics, tap harmonics, tapping, hammer-ons/pull-offs, slides, bends, alternate speed picking and sweep picking techniques, advanced strumming patterns, playing with a metronome, and more.

Uncover the mysteries of the guitar neck by learning the fret names, scales, modes, intervals, chord construction, and any other theoretical concepts or patterns you've been interested in.
My degree and my experience in teaching people of all types of learning styles qualify me to teach you the principles of music theory and the chordal and modal vocabularies you need to take your compositions to the next level.

I will increase your chord and progression vocabularies; teach you the concepts of rhythm sets and structure; familiarize you with triads, modes, scales; and show you how to construct melodies, harmonies, and riffs for your songs.

I can also teach you how to compose for other instruments such as drums, bass, vocals, piano, and more.

If you want to take it to the next level, I can teach you how to read sheet music, how to create chords using intervals, and how to identify and transcribe music by sound through ear training.
Skype Lessons allow you to get world class guitar instruction from the comfort of your own home. Here's what you need to get started:

1) A computer with a webcam and an internet connection

2) Download the free Skype online video chat service here. Make sure to make an account!

3) Contact me via email or phone and set up your first lesson. Once we've arranged a lesson time, confirm your lesson time by purchasing your first lesson using the button to the right.

4) Sign on sometime before your lesson time and add me LessonsByDrew to your contact list. Then, call the "Echo" Skype contact to check that your microphone is working. Finally, go to preferences and check your webcam settings to make sure your camera is working.

5) Lesson time! The lesson proceeds like normal from here, all handouts, song pdfs and backing tracks will be emailed to you.


Quality Instruction


I want to see YOU improve and learn to play confidently.

I don't teach for a quick buck between gigs. I teach because it is something I am good at and it makes me excited to help people progress in music.


The only thing I love more than playing guitar is teaching.

I teach because I am passionate about educating my students and I want to encourage and foster their love of music.


Each lesson is tailored to your needs and goals.

I can adapt to many different styles of learning and instruction. If you do not understand a particular skill, it is my duty to find an explanation that suits your learning style.


I am prepared for each lesson and will provide you with all the materials you need.

I have access to professional level tablature and sheet music for thousands of songs, and I will have any handouts or notes ready for you before the lesson. Any notes that we go over in the lesson will be emailed to you by the day's end so that you don't have to waste valuable lesson time writing things down.

Manageable Practice

The quicker you improve,
the more fun playing will be,
the more you'll practice!

I am highly trained and have gleaned the most useful methods from the hundreds of lessons I've taken in my life to help you improve as fast as possible. I will give you quick exercises and pieces of the songs you want to learn to help you progress without making practice seem like a chore.


You can send me an email any time of day and I will usually respond within 24 hours.

If you do not understand a concept that we covered in our lesson, are unsure about how to practice a specific technique, or have any other questions pertaining to what we have gone over in our lessons, I am available to happily answer all your questions.